No-Poo Head to Toe Wash (500ml Bottle)
No-Poo Head to Toe Wash (500ml Bottle)
No-Poo Head to Toe Wash (500ml Bottle)
No-Poo Head to Toe Wash (500ml Bottle)
No-Poo Head to Toe Wash (500ml Bottle)
No-Poo Head to Toe Wash (500ml Bottle)
No-Poo Head to Toe Wash (500ml Bottle)

No-Poo Head to Toe Wash (500ml Bottle)

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Reward yourself with beautiful hair and skin the natural way. Made by hand the traditional way using only whole fruits and leaves full packed with hair and skin-nourishing nutrients. This 100% natural soap-free Head to Toe Wash does not contain any chemicals, no SLS or SLES, no Parabens, and no preservatives yet it works like a charm. Let the magic begin and start to feel the soft silky touch on your hair and skin right after use. 

Also available as a refill here.


  • Minimal Organic Ingredients for all your body's needs :  Made by hand from real fruits and leaves, the ingredients used are grown directly in their certified organic farm with nothing else added. No other products can be more organic than this. You can use it in many ways: shampoo, pre-shampoo, conditioner, body wash, co-wash, hair mask, no-poo, curly girl method, hand wash, post-swim chlorine removal shampoo, body wash or even make-up removal and deodorant etc.
  • Mild cowash for curls and body : Instead of using chemical products that strip your hair and skin of the natural protective oils, this product contains the essential oils from limes and orange peels that naturally add volume to your hair, tame down the frizz and redefine your curls. Apart from that, these essential oils are great for itchy dandruffy scalp too! Stop dry dull skin and hair after wash and let Mother Nature take care of you.
  • Oil rebalancing for sensitive skin and scalp : Most skin sensitivity is caused by chemical exposure. By including only real natural products that are full of antioxidants and moisturising properties, you are allowing the body to return to its natural oil production mechanism which restore your natural hair and scalp conditions perfect for those with dry, greasy, flaky, itchy skin & scalp or damaged hair. You will realise that real ingredients from Mother Earth can truly make a difference.
  • Natural after swim chlorine removal shampoo and body wash :  The natural vitamin C in lime and bitter orange naturally neutralize the effect of chlorine on the skin and scalp after the swim while the invigorating essential oils will gently coat your hair and skin making them clean, soft and smooth with every touch.

Visit Happy Earth Farm's website here for more information.


  • Kaffir Lime :  A bumpy green fruit native to tropical climate. High in vitamin C, anti-oxidants and essential oils, this nutrient rich fruit can increase skin elasticity, decrease dandruff and reduce hair fall.
  • Bai Mee (Litsea glutinosa) : A type of tree found in tropical countries. The local use its leaves to make soap and shampoo as it promotes hair growth and prevents hair fall by forming a protective layer on the hair shaft and skin.
  • Som Sah (Bitter Orange) : A hybrid fruit between orange and lime native to Asia. High in antioxidants, essential oils, nutrients, the local used it to heal fungal and bacterial infection on skin and scalp as well as perfumes.
  • How is it made : Cherishing the traditional way of living, we decide that each step along the way, from growing, harvesting, mixing and bottling is to be done by hand just like how it was done before. 


Can be used as body soap, shampoo and hair conditioner

  • Shake well before use.
  • Apply on wet hair or skin.
  • Rub on your hair or skin for 5 mins before rinsing off with clean water if used as a hair conditioner, leave it on your hair for 5 - 15 minutes before rinsing off.


  •  If used as a shampoo, no hair conditioner is needed afterwards
  • This soap does not sud and may come as a surprise to you if you have never used any no lather shampoo before. Simply continue using it until you feel used to it and this no-poo does not bother you anymore
  • The concentration of the soap depends on the growing season. During summer months, our area is quite dry resulting in less juice in the fruits we use. While in rainy season, our fruits are blessed with an abundance of ground water and can make a juicier fruit. This doesn’t impact the efficacy of the soap. But it does provide a cleansing experience that’s in harmony with Mother Earth’s seasons.



Happy Earth is a small certified organic farm in Thailand with the goal of reconnecting everyone with nature. Their philosophy is to live, learn and grow with Mother Earth. They believe that humans and Earth are inseparable: what makes Mother Earth happy, also makes us happy. So all of their products are made by hand the traditional way, using only fruits, leaves, and seeds from plants grown on the farms within their farming community. These body care products are 100% natural, chemical-free, biodegradable and even edible. They are meant to be genuinely good for human beings, animals and the environment.

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