Indie Mamashop

Indie Mamashop


    Indie Mamashop creates and curates interesting and functional items and gifts that improve lives - not just yours. They are a social enterprise registered with raiSE, on a mission to create income opportunities for the economically-disadvantaged in our community.

    Sewing is a starting point for them to explore how persons-in-need can enjoy flexibility to work at their own pace and deal with exigencies that arise, without fear of losing a job or upsetting a boss. The main crux of the matter lies in the home-based flexible work arrangements that Indie Mamashop have with them, and how they can try to rearrange work, business processes and costs to provide an economic solution for the low-income segment of our community.

    They do this by design. Behind every item in store is a consideration of how they can reframe the work related to it, so that someone who needs income can finally participate in this economy.

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    " I am a single-mother of two amazing teenagers, have been receiving services from Kampong Kapor Family Service Centre (KKFCS) since 2016. I became a full-time caregiver for my gravely-ill auntie in 2015, and first approached KKFSC to apply for the School Pocket Money Fund to tide me through my difficult financial situation.

    In 2017, KKFSC introduced me to IndieMAMA, to help provide an additional avenue to supplement my household income. Since then, I have worked my way up to become a key figure in the business, first through the mentoring of two other KKFSC clients in sewing skills and thereafter, to work directly with customers and also to manage logistics and finance for IndieMAMA. "

    Madam Sharifah, Head Sewer