Left-handesign is Singapore's 1st Plantable sustainable stationery & lifestyle brand playfully designed with light & love.

    What began as a small business creating hand-made cards based out of the founder, Radhika’s studio has grown into a brand ‘left-handesign’, which celebrates collections inspired by the simple joys of travel, art, nature, food, impressions as seen in day to day life. The idea is to bridge the gap between the products we use, especially stationery, in a more sustainable way.

    “Putting nature back into people’s lives” is the fundamental ideology that the brand revolves around. Radhika believes that plantable products help build a connection between nature and our everyday lives. They connect the two, creating a fun-filled, joyous experience, meanwhile advancing the world towards eventual sustainability. Radhika’s primary objective remains to lessen the amount of waste eliminated by using it to produce plantable stationeries, which serve as beautiful, versatile & memorable gifts. 

    Radhika’s journey of creativity inspired by simple joys is left-handesign’s unique aesthetic - a culmination of a degree in Visual Arts and a 14-year career in advertising and hospitality, that has taken her around the world.

    Their 'Plantable Series' called BĪJ, a Sanskrit word that means Seed, is designed and produced in support of a social enterprise in India, and consists of pencils, pens and notebooks that grow into herbs when planted.

    Since 2018, Left-handesign has also partnered with Grow Trees, a social enterprise affiliated with the United Nation's Environment Program's Billion Tree Campaign and WWF's Cities for Forests Campaign, to plant a tree with every sale of their products. Their aim is to plant 20,000 Trees by 2025!

    " Putting nature back into people’s lives. "

    Radhika Mayani, Founder