My Pure Earth

My Pure Earth


    My Pure Earth works directly with small farmers around the globe to bring 100% pure, organically and ethically produced essential oils to Singapore. All oils are chemical, pesticide and palm-oil free, and of the highest and purest grade available.

    My Pure Earth's founder, Marra left her job in corporate environmental and social responsibility to teach people how to move towards a natural lifestyle and away from chemical – laden, everyday products. Through its platform, My Pure Earth aims to help consumers shift to a natural lifestyle using essential oils to reduce toxins in the home, DIY their own products, and improve their well-being while looking after the planet.

    They pride themselves on working with family-run farms and small, ethical suppliers. Many of the farmers they work with incorporate sustainable agricultural practices ranging from water conservation programmes to zero-waste policies. All farms are also chemical and pesticide-free.

    Beyond considering the environment, many of the farms they work with also implement social practices that strengthen local communities through programmes developed to meet the needs of a location, such as through educational outreach or by providing food and accommodation to employees.

    Finally, their products and blends are never tested on animals. They rigorously research the regulatory mandates of every new country they enter to ensure animal testing is not required.

    Because they share your commitment to the environment, My Pure Earth has launched the first essential oil bottle take back program in Singapore, with The Social Space as their exclusive collection point. As an added incentive, when you return an empty essential oil bottle (from any brand) to either of our outlets, you will receive $1 off any new bottle of My Pure Earth essential oils. The returned bottles will then be used during their DIY workshops in Singapore.

    From zero-waste agricultural practices to their packaging materials and Bottle Take Back Programme, they make sure their choices are responsible to the earth and people they work with.

    “ I'm on a mission to help modern folks live cleaner, healthier lives the simpler way – with essential oils that are free from toxic chemicals, sourced through transparent supply chains and always ethical. But, for real.

    I started My Pure Earth in 2015 to spark practical inspiration, and open minds to the functional superpowers of essential oils. Without the fluff, driven by science, and to be thoughtfully experienced by anyone. (Not just the yoga types.) "

    Marra Hensby, Founder & Director