Noice is on a mission to clean up the planet & all the teeth in it!

    They take the best of nature to develop effective, natural, sustainable oral care products that are good for your teeth & good for the planet.

    The NOICE story began in 2019 - Clement was on a personal journey of transitioning to an organic & vegan lifestyle, while Morgane was on a personal quest for a zero-waste one! Combining both visions, they decided that it was time to offer a better toothpastesolution that would tackle all aspects of sustainability. Both French by birth, Clement moved to New York & Morgane to London to launch NOICE: the toothpaste revolution is here.

    They started NOICE with two simple questions.

    • Do you really know what is in your toothpaste?
    • Do you know that 1.5 billions plastic tubes end up in the landfills yearly?

    This is why they created NOICE, to bring full transparency on their unique natural formula with no compromise on efficacy and to kiss plastic toothpaste tube pollution goodbye, replacing the non-recyclable plastic toothpaste tube with an eco-friendly glass bottle.

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