The Clean Attempt

The Clean Attempt


    The Clean Attempt's mission is to empower people, through sharing and products, to live low-waste lifestyles.

    Their products are meticulously chosen or handmade, where formulas are constantly reworked, making the products you see the very best versions of themselves. They collaborate closely with manufacturers on designs and quality to ensure each product is procured, produced and delivered in the most sustainable way possible.

    What started as a way to document the founder, Jacqueline's own journey to lessen waste on Instagram - and share with other tips and tricks for doing so - grew into The Clean Attempt, where the word 'Clean' is as important as the work 'Attempt'. Through this business, she is simply sharing with the world her attempt at a low-waste lifestyle, and offering tools in which you can, in whatever way suits you best, work towards clean living.

    " To me, that is what The Clean Attempt is all about. Sharing. Enabling. Making a Difference.

    I strive to design, develop, produce, source and make high quality products which will not only provide eco warriors access to a low waste lifestyle, but to show that it can be sustainable, empowering and easily attainable - all without sacrificing style and function. "

    Jacqueline Wong, Founder