9 year old Cherry is an ultra zen calm auntie who’s seen it all and is totally unfazed by all of it. Rarely flinches or barks at anything - even when face to face with aggressive barking or loud vehicles or rowdy kids, she always maintains a calm unflappable energy.

Her leash walking is textbook perfect, will follow your steps and rarely leave your side. She prefers her walks slow and unhurried - which makes her an ideal companion for older folks or someone with limited mobility.

With some practice, Cherry could even safely be walked by someone in a wheelchair. Quietly affectionate, she loves cuddling on the couch watching TV and soliciting scritches (once she warms up to you).

Grass trained, zero destructive behaviours nor separation anxiety, food motivated with no allergies. She has a genetic heart condition and takes daily oral medication with her meals, which is also why she can’t have the surgery to treat her cherry eye.

Important Information
Gender: F
Age: 9 years old
Microchip: Yes
Vaccinated: 1x
Dewormed: Yes

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24 & 25 June
Join us for a paw-some time with your furbabies!

Attention to all the dog-lovers, four-legged fanatics, and wagging enthusiasts! The Social Space is gearing up for our first-everbark-tasticDoggie Day Out event.

In partnership with Exclusively Mongrels, a non-profit organization that helps local stray mongrels find new homes, The Social Space also aims to raise funds and awareness to support their efforts to rescue and rehome dogs. Talk about supporting a good cause while having a day of pure doggie delight with your furbabies. 

Each ticket costs S$30 and is valid for 2 pax + 1 dog. 10% of proceeds per ticket will be donated towards our beneficiary, Exclusively Mongrels.