SHE Period Foaming Cleanser
SHE Period Foaming Cleanser
SHE Period Foaming Cleanser
SHE Period Foaming Cleanser
SHE Period Foaming Cleanser

SHE Period Foaming Cleanser

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SHE Period Foaming Cleanser is the best option to ensure that your menstrual Disc or Cup is completely sanitised. It's made from plant-based ingredients and it is hypoallergenic. It’s non-toxic for your body and ideal to protect your SHE Menstrual Disc. Use your SHE Foaming Cleanser to clean your SHE Menstrual Disc or any menstrual cup! Complete the cleaning process with SHE Sterilizer Case. All of our products were designed for your comfort and for a stress-free period!

Period Ingredients: Purified Water, Aloe Vera Extract, Rose Hydrosol, Peppermint Camphor, Golden Cypress, Folium Artemisiae Argyi, Sophora Flavescens Ait, Carthamus Tinctorius L, Soap Fruit Extract, Corn Extract, Chlorhexidine Acetate.

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SHE Period is a Singapore brand of sustainable menstrual products. SHE Period is the loving child of 2 different women who complement each other: Clara, a former corporate executive with over 15 years of FMCG experience and Janayna, the creative mind behind the brand.

Engaged in building a community to support and empower people who menstruate, their mission is to develop eco-friendly and fashionable menstrual products, promote and support sustainability, and break the stigma attached to menstruation by sharing information and encouraging open discussions about the topic.

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