Prompts was started to support people struggling with mental health issues and advocate the importance of mental wellness through our products. Working on mental wellness is as important as maintaining physical fitness Working towards a positive mental health state i.e. mental wellness is as important as oneโ€™s physical health. It allows one to be well-controlled of his or her thoughts, emotions and behaviour, and to cope with challenges, work productively and lead a fulfilling life.

    Prompts create tools and resources to support your mental wellness journey, and a part of the profits from the sale of the products will be donated to mental health charity organisations. They are currently donating to to support youths with their mental health therapy sessions and are also working with Dayspring Residential Treatment Centre by HCSA to support teenage girls who have been through trauma and abuse.ย 

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    " While our mental health journeys are unique to ourselves, that doesn't mean we can't walk together and support one another along the way. We built Prompts as a brand and a community to work towards a healthy headspace together.ย "

    Er Wei Ting, Co-Founder