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Latest Happenings at TSS

Fashion for Cancer – Where Fashion meets a Good Cause
Find out more about our fundraising campaign for the Fashion for Cancer charity runway show that not only seeks to raise funds, but also allow cancer survivors to showcase their resilience, strength, and valiant efforts in battling cancer.
An Upcycling Makeover for Discarded Window Frames
Framed in the middle of our meeting rooms at DUO Galleria, these upcycled mirrors add a homey touch that makes the place feel more welcoming. Find out more about how these discarded windows from Bali received a new lease of life at our space!
Thrifting Your Way into a Circular Economy
Thrifting is a fun way to challenge yourself to look for unique pieces at great bargains - but it also has an amazing environmental impact in the long run!
#TakeMeBack: Doggie Day Out 2023 Recap!
We held our very first Doggie Day Out at The Social Space - here's what went down that barktastic day!
#TSSGiftGuide: Father's Day 2023
Shop wholesome and sustainable gifts for Father's Day for a surprise like never before!
Learn more about plantable stationeries!
Here at The Social Space, we’ve always worked towards making sustainable living more accessible for you. It's easy to get overwhelmed with the different decisions you need to make when switching to a more sustainable lifestyle - so here's a small...
Family Bonding Activities This June Holiday
With the June holidays around the corner, here are some family activity ideas to do with your loved ones!
Mother's Day Activity Guide 2023
Spend some quality with mommy dearest this Mother's Day with our top picks for the year 💝
5 Places To Explore In Bugis
Get to know our Bugis 'hood better - there's just so much to do here!
The Social and much more Space

Read on as our regular customer, Payal shares her thoughts about finding belongingness at The Social Space.

Embracing Equity this #IWD2023
This International Women's Day, let's look beyond seeking equality! Find out what these inspiring women have to say about their definition of #EmbraceEquity this year.
“Shop Small, Give Big”
This year, we’re encouraging our community to “Shop Small, Give Big” - where supporting small businesses can have a BIG impact. Here are some ideas on how that gift of love may look like to you this year.
#TSSGiftGuide: The Social Space Staff Picks!
With the season of giving upon us, The Social Space team has come together to create our holiday gift guide for the year.
Boutique Fairs - “The Gifting Edition 2022”
After a two-year-long hiatus due to the pandemic, we were thrilled to finally be BACK at the Boutique Fairs!
TSS Tree of Wishes 2022 - Festive Fundraising Campaign

With your help, we have raised S$4,636 in total! ❤️ Thank you for everyone who participated in our campaign to raise funds to grant the life-changing wishes of children with critical illnesses.

Learn more about our sustainable packaging efforts!
Order something from our online store and you may be surprised by what shows up on your doorstep: a not-so-pretty cardboard box, slightly worn and clearly used, possibly wearing a label from another company. While many online retailers take great...
"Choose Good with Mandai" Fundraising Campaign
A collab with Mandai Wildlife Group to raise awareness for the importance of wildlife to our planet - find out how you can do your part!
President Halimah Yacob visits The Social Space!
Mdm President was taken on a mini tour of our humble little multi-concept space - here's what went on!
8 Sustainable Jet-Set Essentials For The June Holidays
A curated shopping guide filled with the perfect travel-ready accessories that are as smart and sustainable as they are stylish.
#MeetMeAtTSS: Blanca, Supervisor at TSS Marina One
On being a mother of 3 – working abroad and miles apart.
Mom's Picks: Chapter Two
Gifts that are as unique and thoughtful as your mom.

Read about the experiences of our team members

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DENISE (Cafe Assistant, 2021 - Present)
I don't have much fancy language like the rest but to put it simply: I was allowed to feel. I was allowed to be myself. And in that, I slowly started accepting myself in all that I was.
ALICIA (Asst Manager, 2020 - Present)
As I enter my fourth year of being a part of the team, I celebrate in quiet contemplation over how far I've come as a person, shyly applauding myself for the brave step it took to peek out of isolation from the world and take that audacious leap into something more purposeful.
YU XUAN (Intern, 2022)
Wondering what life at The Social Space looks like? Today, I will be bringing you along with me to work. 
WEI QIAN (Intern, 2022)
To me, The Social Space is a home that accommodates a concoction of lovely and resilient believers.
ISABELLE (Cafe Assistant, 2020 - 2021)
I do not merely work in a social enterprise - I work in a place founded on love and compassion, built on mutual respect and camaraderie.
MUNIRA (Cafe Assistant, 2020 - Present)
Many first hellos and last goodbyes were said during my time here and I’ll always be thankful for being able to be in the company of such genuine people everyday.
PRISCA (Supervisor, 2019 - 2021)
As I leave TSS, knowing its imperfections, I know it is a good place filled with people (including you) trying to make things better.
MARION (Cafe Assistant, 2020 - 2022)
Most importantly, I have grown to be more caring of others. Seeing and understanding how one might understand and execute a task differently from me was a truly eye-opening experience.
JESSELYN (Intern, 2022)
I had honestly braced myself to have my rose-tinted lens shattered and see that everything was just talk/for show. Lo and behold, The Social Space really outdid herself.