Celebrating Communities: A Recap of Our Latest Learning Journey Events

Celebrating Communities: A Recap of Our Latest Learning Journey Events

We're thrilled to share the highlights from our recent Learning Journey events at The Social Space! Over the past few months, we've had the privilege of hosting two amazing events - one for the National Youth Council Singapore (NYCS) as part of the 2nd China-Singapore Youth Leader Campus on April 13, and another for the Singapore International Foundation (SIF) featuring young social entrepreneurs on May 7. Both events wrapped up with a resounding success, leaving us with unforgettable memories, new connections, and valuable insights.
NYCS Learning Journey event (Photo Credit: National Youth Council Singapore)
SIF Learning Journey event (Photo credit: Singapore International Foundation)
Our Learning Journey events aim to educate people about social enterprises by providing a platform for sharing experiences and making meaningful connections. These events attracted a diverse group of individuals from all walks of life, all eager to learn more about social entrepreneurship and its transformative impact on society. Through these connections and conversations, we hope to empower individuals to become change-makers, equipping them with the knowledge and inspiration to create a better world for all.
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Check out the key highlights from the event:

#1 Lunch and Drinks at Our Café 🥗

Starting the event off with a nourishing meal! (Photo Credit: National Youth Council Singapore)
The event kicked off with a warm welcome, as attendees enjoyed a hearty meal and refreshing homemade drinks, lovingly prepared by our dedicated and inclusive café team.


#2 Sharing Session: The Social Space Story by One of Our Co-Founders 🙋‍♂️

Co-founder Daniel sharing the captivating story of how The Social Space was born (Photo Credit: National Youth Council Singapore)
Following lunch, attendees had the opportunity to hear from Daniel all about his personal experiences in navigating the journey to establish and sustain a social enterprise in Singapore. From overcoming challenges to celebrating success, this sharing session aims to offer a realistic perspective on social entrepreneurship.


#3 Networking and Q&A Session 🤝🏻

Interactions and sharing among attendees (Photo Credit: National Youth Council Singapore)
Attendees were also invited to share their personal perspectives and experiences, sparking a rich exchange of ideas and insights on sustainability from diverse countries and industries. 


#4 Token of Appreciation 🎁

Special gift given out to all attendees towards the end of the event

As a token of appreciation, each attendee was gifted a stunning set of handmade coconut bowls and spoons to take home!

These eco-friendly treasures, handcrafted by skilled Vietnamese artisans, not only showcase sustainable craftsmanship but also symbolises The Social Space's core values - resilience and versatility. Each piece serves as a poignant reminder of our commitment to making a positive impact on the environment and the community.


Community and collaboration are always at the heart of The Social Space. We were thrilled to bring people together and hear their unique stories, showcasing the power of diverse perspectives. We're convinced that collective learning and growth can lead to remarkable outcomes, and are eager to continue fostering these connections through future events. 
Hit us up if you're interested in hosting a Learning Journey event at our DUO Galleria outlet! We'd love to connect and make it happen.
Let's sustain the momentum and drive positive change together!
(Banner photo credit: National Youth Council Singapore)
Written by Tan Yin Shan, Retail & Marketing Intern 2024

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