Bridging The Worlds of Hearing and Deaf #HearTheWar #HushForPeace

Bridging The Worlds of Hearing and Deaf #HearTheWar #HushForPeace

How would you feel if you can't hear any danger that is coming towards you?

Being a Deaf individual in a hearing world is challenging enough, and even more so in times of war. With those affected by the conflict in Ukraine, navigating the war without sound is particularly dangerous, and the fear and confusion of trying to stay safe is a constant struggle.

In commemoration of International Week of the Deaf, we hosted a very special silent tea bar session at our DUO outlet. #HearTheWar #HushForPeace

Hush TeaBar worked with Ambassador Kateryna Zelenko of Embassy of Ukraine in Singapore and Singapore Red Cross, to raise awareness and funds for the Ukrainian Society of the Deaf. 

Here's a recap of what went down!

The full house event was attended by Ambassador Kateryna Zelenko of Embassy of Ukraine in Singapore and 4 other ambassadors from Turkey (His Excellency Burcin Gonenli), Hungary (Her Excellency Judit Pach), Estonia (His Excellency Priit Turk and his wife Pirjo Turk) and Lithuania (His Excellency Darius Gaidys) as well as many other supporters.

The event started with an eye-opening sharing from Deaf individuals who are directly impacted by the conflict, allowing participants to understand the challenges and experiences of Deaf persons in Ukraine. 

 With a newfound understanding, participants were told to put on earplugs and silence their mobile devices. Shortly after, Deaf facilitator Lily guided them through a silent tea bar session which featured a 4-Zone hush experience. 

Zone 1 - Intention zone

Starting with clear intentions, Lily taught participants to sign different emotions and phrases in Singapore Sign Language (SgSL) such as "Curious", "Love", "Thank you”, “Hear The War”, “I love you”, and “Hush For Peace”. 

Zone 2 - Reflection Zone


Next on to reflection, teas were served and participants were told to reflect with a list of thought-provoking prompts.

Zone 3 - Expression Zone

Writing notes to the deaf persons in Ukraine

Moving on to expression, participants were given cards to write words of encouragement to Deaf people affected by the conflict. The notes were then passed to Ambassador Kateryna Zelenko of Embassy of Ukraine in Singapore. 

Zone 4 - Connection Zone

Ambassador Kateryna Zelenko of Embassy of Ukraine in Singapore

Lastly, the connection zone where participants were able to remove their earplugs and Ambassador Kateryna Zelenko of Embassy of Ukraine in Singapore, gave a speech to thank those involved.

Together, we managed to raise a total of $1,800 from this session, which will go towards the Singapore Red Cross to purchase hearing aids for the Ukrainian Society of the Deaf.

A big thank you to Hush TeaBar, the Ukraine Embassy and Singapore Red Cross for all of their efforts in making this event happen. But most of all, THANK YOU to everyone who came down and supported this special event. 

Join us for the next HUSH@Community session where we invite you to immerse yourselves in a unique journey of this 28 October 2023. Click here to find out more. Be part of a meaningful cause and bridge the worlds between the hearing and deaf. 

Written by Iffah, Retail & Marketing Intern 2023

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