YU XUAN (Intern, 2022)

YU XUAN (Intern, 2022)

Spend a day with me working at The Social Space

Hello there, it's me, Yu Xuan, the retail and marketing intern! Wondering what life at The Social Space looks like? Today, I will be bringing you along with me to work. 



“ Dinggg! Order #3214 has arrived! Turquoise FoFo cup x1”

We started the day off by packing some online orders. In our efforts to build a more sustainable environment, all of our online orders are carefully packed in 2nd-hand, post-consumer materials. If you ask what’s the fun part about packing orders at TSS? Well, I guess that would be finding the right packaging size to fit all the items nicely in the box. With how each order is packed considering its impact on the environment, it has definitely fueled the sense of satisfaction I get when I fulfill a customer’s order here. 

After packing all the online orders, I moved on to carrying out research for our upcoming campaign. With the campaign being one of the first larger projects I am taking on, I was excited yet nervous to be in charge of this project. However, with much guidance from my bosses (heh), I managed to overcome every obstacle faced and successfully executed what was planned. 

PS: This is me, trying to do a mock-up display of how the set-up would look in the retail store. 



It’s finally time for lunch! The wide variety of selection of toasts and smoothie bowls has made it a tough decision for me during every meal time. Fortunately, I got to try almost all of the menu during my 3 months internship here. If you need a recommendation: My go-to pick would definitely be the Roasted Mushroom and Creme Fraiche toast. The perfectly-sauteed common brown mushrooms topped with a melted mix of mozzarella, cheddar cheese, and sour cream make it a perfect savory dish for lunch. Oh, you definitely have to try their housemade Belgian Hot Chocolate. Its rich and creamy texture really packs a punch on your first sip. 

Want to take a look at how the toasts and smoothie bowls look? Gotcha! I have got you covered in the photo below: 



Omo! It’s already 2PM? Chop chop, let’s move on to the next agenda for the day! 

What I really like about interning at TSS is the variety of tasks and assignments I am exposed to. Given how close-knit the team is, I got to be involved in various aspects of a social enterprise. With the hands-on activity such as setting up campaigns in the retail store that keeps me moving, work at TSS is never dull or boring.


What’s a typical day like without a photo shoot for a retail and marketing intern? Here comes my favourite part of my internship: Updating product listing! From conceptualizing the ideal background for each product to being a model for photoshoots, TSS has without a doubt trained me to become a multi-tasker at work. (tip: if you are doing a photoshoot, bring a small light stick for extra lighting!) 


YAYYY, It's finally time to go home!! Hope you had some fun joining me at work. This is Yu Xuan, signing off from The Social Space. 

Lastly, on this note, I would like to give a bigggg shout-out to the best retail team here for their guidance throughout my internship journey (pssst: Cheryl was cropped in as she was away in Dubai). Oh and, not forgetting an exclusive one for my partner in crime: Jesselyn who made every day at work filled with laughter!

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