TSS Tree of Wishes 2022 - Festive Fundraising Campaign

TSS Tree of Wishes 2022 - Festive Fundraising Campaign


The funds raised were used to grant the wish of Wafiy, a 5-year old boy with acure lymphoblastic leukemia to go on a flight to Langkawi with his family.

Find out more about his adventure here. ✈️


With your help, we have raised S$4,636 in total! ❤️

To the kind souls who participated in our Make-A-Wish fundraising campaign, we would like to thank YOU for making a differene -- you're the real MVP!


In this season of giving, The Social Space hopes to rally our community to raise funds to grant the life-changing wishes of children with critical illnesses.

In collaboration with Make-A-Wish Singapore, The Social Space has launched a fundraising campaign to raise awareness for this amazing cause and encourage donations to make more wishes come true.
From 1st December 2022 till 8th January 2023, The Social Space will pledge $1 from every cup of coffee sold at our cafes towards our adopted wish.

We will also feature an eco-friendly wooden 'Tree of Wishes' at both our outlets to encourage our customers to be a part of our fundraising efforts by scanning the hanging QR codes to make a donation. As a reward, customers who donate S$50 or more will get a FREE SPECIALTY COFFEE* on us too! (Just show the confirmation e-mail to the cashier!)
*Valid for 1 free small specialty coffee worth $5. Customer's can choose to top up for another in-house drink.

Every year, around 150 children in Singapore are diagnosed with critical illness and since 2002, Make-A-Wish Singapore has granted close to 1,800 wishes.

A wish fulfilled grants children the emotional and psychological benefits they need to fight their critical illness. For some, it is often the turning point in their treatment as it can greatly improve their quality of life and produce better health outcomes. Majority of Make-A-Wish children go on to learn to cope with and even beat their illnesses.

The Social Space truly believes in the power of a wish to transform lives, and we’re honoured to play a small part in inspiring hope and delivering strength to the wish children.

Visit our campaign page and make your donation on giving.sg here!


 A wish granted is a gift of hope and strength for children with critical illnesses. At the same time, its positive impact can radiate and uplift their families and the community around them, creating treasured memories that will last a lifetime. Watch our video, One Tiny Wish, and experience for yourself what ‘The Wish Effect’ is all about.

Here are a few of our favourite stories!


Two years ago, Sunny was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. He had to miss school for one year to go for his treatments. Sunny kept busy and passed his time during his long stay at the hospital with his favourite PlayStation 4 game – LEGO Marvel Avengers. It was the topic which drew a positive response and smile as it acted as an anchor through Sunny’s health obstacles.

Read his story here.



Januarius is a positive and bright boy who has found a lot of comfort with his priest during treatment. When he was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia one year ago, Januarius had to stop outdoor activities and sports, and he channelled his focus and hobbies to music, prayers and reading spiritual books. When the wish granters visited Januarius, they were excited to learn that he wanted to become a friar and experience a day at the seminary, learn to preach and pray, hold a mass and talk to the friars.
Read his story here.


Ridhwan is a 10-year-old boy with Pfieffer Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder characterized by the premature fusion of certain bones of the skull, which prevents further growth of the skull and affects the shape of the head and face. Like most children his age, Ridhwan enjoys making things, playing with his sister, reading, helping his mother with housework and experiencing new things.
Read his story here.


There’s nothing like watching your favourite movie and wishing you could be part of the world you see on the screen. For Si Xuan, her imagination wandered to a place of fairy tales and adventures in a land called Arendelle, the central location of her favourite movie, Frozen. As an avid Frozen fan, Si Xuan was so excited to tell the wish granters all about Queen Elsa during the visits, so when we asked her what her one true wish would be, Si Xuan said she wanted to meet Queen Elsa, her favourite Frozen character.
Read her story here.

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