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Insyirah (Intern, 2023)
If I’m not wrong, I’m the first intern who joined The Social Space’ retail team as part of their school’s graded internship. I’m not very good at being emotional with words (I’m more of a cry-and-hold-back-from-puking person) so this is...
HANNAH (Intern, 2023)

More than just a safe space of acceptance, The Social Space was a place where they believed that everyone is much more than their limitations or the things that they struggle with. I applied for an internship in a bid to break free from anxiety and depression. This is how working at The Social Space changed me.

DENISE (Cafe Assistant, 2021 - Present)
I don't have much fancy language like the rest but to put it simply: I was allowed to feel. I was allowed to be myself. And in that, I slowly started accepting myself in all that I was.
ALICIA (Asst Manager, 2020 - Present)
As I enter my fourth year of being a part of the team, I celebrate in quiet contemplation over how far I've come as a person, shyly applauding myself for the brave step it took to peek out of isolation from the world and take that audacious leap into something more purposeful.
YU XUAN (Intern, 2022)
Wondering what life at The Social Space looks like? Today, I will be bringing you along with me to work. 
WEI QIAN (Intern, 2022)
To me, The Social Space is a home that accommodates a concoction of lovely and resilient believers.
ISABELLE (Cafe Assistant, 2020 - 2021)
I do not merely work in a social enterprise - I work in a place founded on love and compassion, built on mutual respect and camaraderie.
MUNIRA (Cafe Assistant, 2020 - Present)
Many first hellos and last goodbyes were said during my time here and I’ll always be thankful for being able to be in the company of such genuine people everyday.
PRISCA (Supervisor, 2019 - 2021)
As I leave TSS, knowing its imperfections, I know it is a good place filled with people (including you) trying to make things better.
MARION (Cafe Assistant, 2020 - 2022)
Most importantly, I have grown to be more caring of others. Seeing and understanding how one might understand and execute a task differently from me was a truly eye-opening experience.
JESSELYN (Intern, 2022)
I had honestly braced myself to have my rose-tinted lens shattered and see that everything was just talk/for show. Lo and behold, The Social Space really outdid herself.