The Ultimate Guide to Social Perks

The Ultimate Guide to Social Perks

Get rewarded for making sustainable decisions and shopping consciously
– you can have the best of both worlds with Social Perks! ✨

Our first-ever loyalty program aims to encourage our all-important community and loyal customers to continue shopping mindfully by offering an all-access pass to exclusive rewards. πŸ˜‰ Sign up, start earning Social Perks and redeem, as easy as that.

For every S$1 spent on our online store, you get 5 Social Perks. Upon signing up, you'll instantly receive 50 Social Perks to celebrate your conscious shopping journey with us; and simple actions like giving us a follow on our Instagram or a share on Facebook earn you another 50 Social Perks.

Sounds easy? πŸŽ‚ Letting you in on another secret – when your special day arrives, you get a birthday treat of 100 Social Perks.

With every 100 Social Perks, you can redeem it for S$1.00 off on your purchase.Β πŸ‘Β  If you are one of those that prefer to squirrel your Social Perks away, 3500 Social Perk gets you a S$30.00 discount coupon for our online store!

πŸ‘― Share the love by inviting a friend to sign up for #SocialPerks with your URL in the Rewards tab; they will get a S$5 off coupon for their first order at our online store. Once your pal completes their first purchase on our online store – you'll get a S$5 off coupon for your next conscious haul.

The more you shop with us, the more Social Perks you earn. Like everything we do, the loyalty program is a work in progress, and we are planning to add more exciting treats (Dine-in discounts, anybody?) down the road. Sign up today – your 50 Social Perks welcome gift is just a few clicks away!

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