Mom's Picks: Chapter One

Mom's Picks: Chapter One

Never too early to start on your Mother's Day gift hunt – we've come bearing insider tips from 3 super moms' wish lists to help you snag a spot on your mom's nice list. So go on, get scrolling and thank us later. 😉


Besides being a total #girlboss at Indosole Singapore, Jen is also a proud momma to two tweens. With Jen's hectic daily schedule, a quality unwinding, self-care time is essential to give her mind a little break from her multiple roles. If she's not on a relaxing yoga retreat, these are the few items she'll be treating herself with:

"Because I'm a very busy person – doing puzzles sits me down and is meditative (like gardening) for me, I enjoy it!"

"I love wearing earrings, and it's nice to have something new now and then."

"Having a calming scent in the house makes me smile! I love how the candles support a good cause. I also repurpose the pretty jars into decors for the house."


Sam, the co-founder of local social enterprise Co:Creation Workshop, is a mother to 2 – a newborn baby and a 9-years-old. Having just welcomed her second child into the world, being able to multitask efficiently + in comfort is her top priority. And that's why these three things she picked are ranking high on her Mother's Day wish list.

"It's so soft, it'll be a wonderful piece to lounge in, and since I'm currently nursing my baby boy, it'll be very convenient!"

"A nice smelling home makes everything better, am I right? There's a blend called Inner Joy? I need this!"

"As a breastfeeding mom, it's super important for me to stay well-hydrated! And a total plus point if the bottle looks super chic."


Nav is an all-rounded working mom – juggling being a designer + founder of her family-friendly, conscious brand – Doodle Dat and being a dedicated mom to two school-age kiddos is 100% no easy feat. So this Mother's Day, she's going all out on spoiling herself with these three (well-deserved) picks.

"Big fan of all the Helping Hands Penan bags, but the white one is my favourite! It goes with everything, and with the volume, these bags are a practical choice for moms."

"The beautiful illustration on it makes me feel happy, and I love the colours."

"I tend to avoid drapey, big earrings but these from Claypop Studio are of a good size and very unique!"


Love these gift ideas and want more? Stay with us, chapter two of Mom's Picks is coming your way! 💐  P/S – If you are thinking of spoiling mom this Mother's Day, why not treat her to a relaxing, toxic-free mani-pedi at The Nail Social

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