Co:Creation Workshop is a social enterprise based in Singapore. They use art in experimental and accessible ways to innovate purposeful art workshops and programs. With emphasis on supporting undeserved communities, they collaborate with creatives and art therapists to co-create products and services to spark inspiration in everyone, regardless of backgrounds and abilities.

    Co:Creation Workshop connects peoples through creative and meaningful ways. Their goal is to create a world where people can come together to find purpose, belonging and transcendence through sharing stories & making art. They forge meaningful connections by facilitating shared creative experiences that are fun and accessible. Their products and services support both their customers and people living with diffabilities to enjoy the benefits of creating, at the same time.

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    " You might have already known us as artists, so here is something new – We have joined forces to channel our creative energies to bring you Co:Creation Workshop. Creating art makes us feel alive. Knowing that it can do the same for you and for underserved communities, gives us our purpose.

    Art is a wonderful bridge for people of different experiences, backgrounds and abilities. Whether you are an educator, art lover, artist or a curious-crafty soul, Co:creation has something for you. "

    Samantha & Peiling, Co:Founders