New Year, New Us

New Year, New Us

If you haven't heard, our Kreta Ayer space just got its first major revamp after our move-in four years ago, and we love it more than ever.

Major throwback to the day we got our keys to the Kreta Ayer space – this picture is from 2017!

The blank space you saw above then turned into this bright, cozy spot that we've called home over the past four years.
The plan to revitalize this little space has been in the works for months and, as our usually bustling Kreta Ayer cafe takes its annual break for the holidays in late December 2021 - it was time to get the show on the road.

Making way for the new plan also meant getting out of our comfort zones and saying goodbyes to things we've been so familiar with for the past four years – daunting, exciting, and a little bit sad all at once. Went digging in the drive and found these photos from our furniture sourcing trips in Bali for the first move-in renovation. Ah, the warm, fuzzy feeling of nostalgia!

Unfortunately, our iconic classy pastel blue Bali tiles has to go since we are making adjustments to the counter space.
Can you recognize this little blue door? (Don't worry, it's still in the newly refreshed space!)
And after (almost!) a month of packing, cleaning, tearing things down and moving new things in – we are glad to share that we are finally ready to unveil our new look!

An expanded retail area for more goods that do good, increased seats capacity to host you and your pals, a significant kitchen facelift to make it an efficient environment for our cafe crew, and hopefully, spark some new ideas for our menu. *wink*

This re-opening marks a brand new chapter for our team and a step forward for The Social Space in our journey to inspire social-impact champions in all that we do, to create an economy for good. Our Kreta Ayer space is officially up and running (and as always, still a constant work-in-progress) – pop in, say hi and have an easy-breezy smoothie bowl-filled day today!

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