A Fond Farewell!

A Fond Farewell!

💌 To our community and friends of The Social Space,

As I look back on the past 2.5 years, one thing that has made this job enjoyable is the rapport with some of you whom we’ve gotten to know better, or see often (even if it is just a friendly smile). This being my first foray into hospitality, it’s true that you really get an immense satisfaction from providing the customer with a warm, positive (and delicious) experience.

The Social Space does not often talk about it being an inclusive employer. Daniel & Cheryl talk about it when interviewed, but here on this page you find content about our food, sustainable offerings and cute dogs. Two reasons I understand why this is so—some on our staff would prefer not be identified as a person with a certain condition, secondly, we wanted our customers to see our team as “normal”, and not viewed through a lens of charity. When you speak to other F&B professionals, you hear of horror stories of nasty customers, or the more frequent aloof examples. I always found that the people that came through our doors were more often than not a lovely, warm bunch. Maybe it’s because you are already a wonderful person evident by your pursuit to be kind to the planet and people, or you just being you. Your kind, friendly words and smiles help make The Social Space a safe space for those who work with us. Thank you for that, it really matters. And special thanks to those of you who intentionally supported us during the tough times these past two years, there is only so many avo + egg toasts/tough nuts you can eat or Riau candles you can smell every week, but you did. Thank you.

While we intend to do good as a business, we are not perfect as employers, supervisors, staff. It is definitely not easy. As I leave TSS, knowing its imperfections, I know it is a good place filled with people (including you) trying to make things better. Do continue to come by, encourage the team with your lovely personalities and honest feedback.

This is not goodbye, maybe I’ll see you at TSS as a fellow customer! 😉

(Outlet Supervisor at Kreta Ayer outlet from March 2019 - December 2021)

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