IFFAH (Intern, 2023)

IFFAH (Intern, 2023)

Hey there, I'm Iffah, the retail marketing intern! I joined The Social Space as part of my school’s graded internship but aside from learning about my current discipline, I’ve learned a whole lot about myself and a little bit more about life.🙂

To give you a background of myself, I took a longer route for my education. When I finally enrolled in a polytechnic, I found myself struggling to keep up with my peers. Constantly comparing myself to others, feeling inadequate and hesitant to seek help, which left me being less confident of myself. 

Although the reality is - each of us have our own journey and capabilities. It's okay if we need a little more time to find our footing, to grow, and to learn. The Social Space was a place where It allowed me to do that. 

Joining The Social Space felt like becoming part of a tight-knit family. From day one, everyone on the team welcomed me with open arms, always ready to lend a helping hand. The camaraderie among colleagues was commendable as I see them genuinely care for one another. As I observed how they navigated through challenges, during the busiest times, it left a lasting impression on me - "if you find the right people you will be able to work well with them."  

(A very cute pic of the Duo team on Xmas!)

Throughout my internship, Cheryl and Farhana, my supervisors, were my pillars of support. They guided me through the smallest concerns, emphasizing the importance of giving myself a chance to succeed in every opportunity. Whether it's tackling a new task or embarking on a new project. It's all about approaching each opportunity with a mindset of doing your best. 

(Pic with my supervisors Cheryl and Farhana on my 2nd last day❤️)

Being exposed to the world of social enterprise has its highs and lows. Some days were hectic while some days were calmer. One thing that I've learned as a retail marketing intern is that everything we do has its purpose. Knowing your intentions helps to give a sense of direction, giving you the confidence to do better for each task. So if you ever find yourself feeling unsure why you need to do certain things, or what your next step is, just ask (it's not that scary, I promise). So to the me that was hesitant to ask for help before... I learned that it's okay to and learned to put my fears behind me so that i could do things for the better of myself and everyone else. 

To everyone who I met during my internship journey, thank you for the laughs, the playful banter and the meaningful conversations we shared. While it's time for me to bid farewell, always know that The Social Space will always hold a special place in my heart.

P.S To anyone reading this, this is your sign to give yourself a chance to do great things with the people who would always support you.❤️

Written by Iffah (Retail Marketing Intern)

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