#TSSGiftGuide: 9 Joy-giving Gifts You Can Get Under $100

#TSSGiftGuide: 9 Joy-giving Gifts You Can Get Under $100

โฐ The clock is ticking, you have 14 days till Christmas to find the extra-special gift for that one special person left on your gifting list. Don't fret yetย ๐Ÿ˜œ if you've got a little room in your holiday shopping budget, come take a pick on our list!

REHYPHEN MusicCloth Upcycledย City Map: $80.00
Know a globetrotter? This would fit right in their travel-souvenir-filled homes. Hand-weaved out the magnetic strips from cassette tapes, Rehypen's MusicCloth Upcycled City Map re-imagines a new way of exchanging music and addresses our global e-waste issues by transforming discarded cassette tapes and videotapes into another art form that inspires.

MY FRENCH CONCESSIONS Reed Diffuser: $89.00
Reed diffusers are a delightful alternative to candles if you are looking to refresh your gifting options for the scent connoisseurs in your life. Did we mention that these beautiful My French Concessions products are also packaged by the trainees with special needs from APSN Centre for Adultsโ€™ Contract Work team โ€“ we sure love a brand that gives back to their local community!

AYELLI Premium Organic Argan Oil: $72.00
One for the skincare junkies on your gifting list! Proudly produced in Morocco by women in community fair trade women cooperatives, using centuries-old techniques; Ayelli's Premium Organic Argan Oil is a natural moisturising and repairing oil, designed to rejuvenate and recharge hair and skin!

ALIKA DAY Handmade Kawung Basket: $75.00
Have someone with a tropical-themed home on your shopping list? Liven your island-vibing giftee's living spaces with this meticulously handwoven (and super practical) Alika Day Kawung Basket! They'd also be pleasantly surprised to know that these slow-made baskets are crafted from all-natural materials like banana leaf bark and cotton yarns. P/S: 'Kawung' is a traditional batik motif pattern!

RIAU CANDLE CO. - Double: $60.00
Candles make everything better. Gift your special someone 70 hours of calming, restful atmosphere, as this lit Riau Candle Co's hand-poured soy candle in Double flicks lingering stress away! As a small business project of The Seed Basket, a non-profit organisation โ€“ each candle sold supports and empowers its makers and marginalized communities in Riau Islands.

SEASCAPE ARTWORKS Coaster Set: $67.00
We have something ocean lovers will dive for! This handcrafted Beech Wood Coaster Set by Seascape Artworks features a lifelike, food-safe resin artwork of a serene slow-rising tide! Pro-tip: Pair em' with the matching Seascape Artwork Samurai Wooden Board ($150.00) and you've got a winning present.

BHUMAN Bamboo Bottle Powder Wash: $79.00
Spice up your conscious giftee's low-waste shower routine with BHuman's zero-water-footprint, 100% plant-based enzyme powder cleansers! The innovative, water-activated cleanser gently cleanses excess oil and unclogs pores without stripping the skin's protective pH barrier, making it a good fit for all skin types. And โ€“ how stunning is this tasteful (and refillable) bamboo bottle!

LEXNGO Flexible E-Zip Fly Bag: $40.00
Lexngo's collection of on-the-go, eco-friendly silicone products are undoubted โ€“ 100% fool-proof gifts for any green warrior friends or family member. But if you are looking to inspire a non-eco (yet!) gift receiver to adopt some zero waste habits โ€“ this multi-tasking Flexible E-Zip Fly Bag would certainly help encourage them to phase out single-use plastics (e.g. containers, zip-lock bags) in their lives!

CHOPVALUE Wall Dรฉcor Starter Set: $158.00
We know we have exceeded the budget a little (this comes in just over $100!), but if you are willing to break the bank a little for meaningful gifts for the home, this modular wall decor set of 6 from ChopValue - recycled and transformed from 3000 chopsticks, would be your best bet for an unforgettable gift that would help an eco-conscious homebody feather their low-waste nest in style.
And just like that โœจ here we are, with our final edition of 2021's #TSSGiftGuide! We hope our gift guides inspired you this holiday season and beyond to support more independent businesses that take incredible pride in their socially and environmentally conscious stances and dedicate their brands to providing thoughtful high-quality products. ๐ŸŽ…
๐Ÿƒ If you just can't decide (or for those last-minute shoppers... we promise to not tell on you!) โ€“ put a smile on your recipient's face with The Social Space eGift Cards and The Nail Social Gift Cards!

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