5 Things To Do In Kreta Ayer

5 Things To Do In Kreta Ayer

Visting Chinatown for your favourite Mala Xiang Guo (spicy stir-fry hot pot)Β or Chinese Skewer this weekend? Escape the hustle and bustle in the busy Chinatown streets, and take a walk around our quaint Kreta Ayer neighbourhood. Who knows – you might discover another reason to come by this heritage-filled vibrant spot more often!
#1 Kreta Ayer Heritage Trail

Photo Credits: The Nail Social

Did you know that Kreta Ayer was known for its round-the-clock entertainment, thronging with teahouses and opera theatres in the 19th century? The influx of early (predominately) Cantonese settlers helped shape the place into the cultural heartland that it is today by bringing in traditional traits such as Chinese Opera, Traditional Tea Appreciation and Nanyin (which translates to 'music of the south').
The free-admission guided walk, hosted by Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), brings you on a two-hour trail that will take you back to the district's exciting past while learning more about how traditionalism and modernism coexist in today's Kreta Ayer.
#2 Anthony The Spice Maker

Photo Credits: Anthony The Spice Maker

Humbly crafting Singapore curry spices since 1986, Anthony The Spice Maker has been a gem for aspiring chefs, home cooks and spice lovers that are looking for ethically sourced, quality herbs, spices and authentic curry blends. Born to first-generational spice makers, Anthony – founder of Anthony The Spice Maker, showed strong interest in the age-old craft of spice-making since young and moved into the Chinatown neighbourhood in 2009 and never looked back ever since.

Located just a stone's throw away from our Kreta Ayer space, this modest spice store is not to be missed by food enthusiasts!
#3 Pearl's Hill City Park

Photo Credits: @iliveintiongbahru

Hong Lim Park isn't the only spot you can find a green escape in Chinatown – take a walk up Pearl's Hill City Park and discover the hidden trove of nature at the edge of Chinatown, opposite Kreta Ayer Road. Built around a reservoir at the top of the hill, this decade-old park, filled with Tembusu trees and lotus ponds, is the size of 16 football fields – making it the perfect alternative spot to Fort Canning Par for a laid-back city hike.
#4 Mural-spotting

Photo Credits: Belinda Low

The area may look or feel like a sleepy neighbourhood on the surface, but it's far from it. Scattered around Kreta Ayer and in between Keong Saik Road's trendy bars and cool restaurants, you'll find colourful murals done up by local artists like Ripple Root, Yip Yew Chong and many more.
We even have one right by our space – check out this cool duo practising Tai Chi, 'Everybody is Kung Fu Fighting' by Belinda Low! Take the stairs leading up to Kreta Ayer's People Theatre, you'll find the rest of the 13 heritage murals celebrating the lives and places of pioneer residents of Kreta Ayer, co-created a part of the 2015 Colouring Banda Street initiative by account firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and the residents in the area.
#5 The Social Space

Last but not least – if you are new to the neighbourhood and us, hello and welcome! The Social Space is a social and eco-conscious multi-concept space with a consciously-curated retail area, a nail salon and a cafe all under one roof. And, we serve up some mean open-faced toasts too.

We started our first space on this vibrant street in 2018 after falling in love with the area's perfect harmony of serene and buzziness. Our space is located right by the one-way road of Kreta Ayer Road – it's not going to be hard to spot us, we promise!
Never not amazed at how this little sub-district in the heart of the city never stops flourishing and evolving, we hope this little guide gives you a peek of what the beautiful area has to offer. And, if you find yourself visiting Kreta Ayer, don't forget to pop in our space for a smoothie bowl refuel!

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