#MeetMeAtTSS: Samantha of Co:Creation Workshop

#MeetMeAtTSS: Samantha of Co:Creation Workshop

💐 With Mother's Day approaching, we are shining the spotlight on the super moms we know and love.

Moms wear multiple hats – this statement is particularly evident for moms juggling motherhood and career – on top of life's hustle and bustle. Earlier this week, we sat down with The Social Space's long-time friend, artist, social entrepreneur and also a mother to two – Samantha of Co:Creation Workshop, a local social enterprise that utilises art as a bridge for people of different experiences, backgrounds and abilities through enriching programs and craft kits.
"I can't take any caffeine right now – I'm breastfeeding!" Sam scans our menu for caffeine-free options (she recently just welcomed baby number 2!) and eventually settled on a Hulk Smoothie Bowl - instead of her usual favourite Tropicana. We wasted no time diving into our burning questions to this all-rounder mom with a 9-year-old and newborn waiting for her at home.
"I think the great thing about being a social entrepreneur/business owner is that we have a lot of flexibility, and we can define the work culture," she remarked when we asked how she balances her roles. With most facilitators and collaborators at Co:Creation being working mothers as well, Samantha ascertain that being a mother helps her understand and be readily available in providing the kind of support they need, and in return, it makes the business's whole workflow a lot more efficient and pleasant to handle.

"When we talk about pregnancy or having just had a child is what we also define as a situational disability. We are attached to a kid now, and you can't do things as and when you want it," she explained. Staying true to their social enterprise's inclusive values, Samantha and co-founder Pei Ling (also a mother to a 1-year-old) actively strive to offer conveniences and flexibility to her employees or collaborators with family commitments, "Sometimes when the mothers are working, we even help to take care of their kids on the side".

One of the crafting kits from the Time On Our Hands project, Latch Hook Badge Making Kit.

When asked about her best takeaway from motherhood, Samantha chuckled but promptly gave us a firm answer.
"Anything can happen, and be open to that!".
"With a second child now – I realise that you might think that you will approach a certain situation the same way, but the same way might not work out the way before, so it's a lot about being in tune and sensitive to that situation." As a social enterprise, Co:Creation Workshop works closely with community partners of all walks of life, acknowledging that every individual is different and making space for various things or situations to happen is of utmost importance. Samantha links this learning back to motherhood, "Each child is an individual. If this thing works with your first child, it might not be the same with your second child – and you need to be cool with that, definitely no cookie-cutter or copy and paste".
Samantha also lovingly credits her husband Budi Agung Kuswara (artist of the two paintings at our Kreta Ayer space!) for being involved and supportive in whatever she does. "Both me and Pei Ling are very hands-on with our kids, but we are also grateful that our husbands are super proactive with the kids, and they take part in our business in practical ways," she laughed. "Like setting up our studio, fixing up shelves when we first moved in our space."
Mothers are and can be so much more. Through our quick and bettering catch-up with Samantha, it's undeniable that women play many roles as they grow and flourish – and it's 100% no easy feat. 💪 Big kudos to all the moms out there doing it all! 

Finding a good Mother's Day gift is never easy
🤭  but we've got your back. Stay tuned for Samatha's top 3 picks from our conscious retail space that'll put a smile on every mom!

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