Mom's Picks: Chapter Two

Mom's Picks: Chapter Two

Less than two weeks till Mother's Day – have you gotten your gift for mummy dearest sorted out? 🀭 We featured three super-moms and their Mother's Day wish list in chapter one of Mom's Picks (give it a read if you haven't!), and now we are back with chapter two – shining the spotlight on three more moms that deserve a big salute on this special day!
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Yeni is the self-taught illustrator behind all the bright, vibrant Yenidraw goods that have garnered a crowd of loyal fans over the years. Aside from being the founder & designer of the brand, Yeni is also a mother of 2 little girls. This busy mom is thinking of having a cosy, chill time at home this Mother's Day, so if you're looking to give mom's me-time essentials a mini upgrade, add these items to your cart!

"It's the ingredients that caught my eyes. I love the lemongrass and blue pea! And with the conventional pump bottle shampoos, there's usually excess with each pump – so with this solid shampoo, I can control over how much product I'm using on my hair."

"You know, when you think of candles – your mind immediately goes into relax mode, and I think it'll be so nice to light a candle up when I finally get some me-time at home."

"I love funky socks! I don't wear them out (laughs), but I collect them and put them on when I want to feel cosy at home. The prints on these just put me in such a good mood."
β—ŒΒ β—ŒΒ β—ŒΒ β—ŒΒ β—ŒΒ β—ŒΒ β—ŒΒ β—ŒΒ β—ŒΒ β—ŒΒ β—ŒΒ β—ŒΒ β—ŒΒ β—ŒΒ β—ŒΒ β—ŒΒ β—ŒΒ β—ŒΒ β—ŒΒ β—ŒΒ β—ŒΒ β—ŒΒ β—Œ
Daisy's bubbliness and warmth radiate through our Kreta Ayer space. This mom of twoΒ takes her days slow after semi-retirement, keeping herself meaningfully occupied with her cafe staff role with us and spending time with her loved ones.Β 

"I like how their products are crafted in France, at their atelier and packaged by persons with disabilities at ASPN Centre here in Singapore. I enjoy a brand that looks good and does good."

"The design is lovely. Also, it's so nice knowing that these bags support Helping Hands Penan to continue empowering women from the Penan tribe!"
"I enjoy being in the outdoors, so these coasters remind me of my love for the seas. The little details with the paw prints are super cute!"
β—ŒΒ β—ŒΒ β—ŒΒ β—ŒΒ β—ŒΒ β—ŒΒ β—ŒΒ β—ŒΒ β—ŒΒ β—ŒΒ β—ŒΒ β—ŒΒ β—ŒΒ β—ŒΒ β—ŒΒ β—ŒΒ β—ŒΒ β—ŒΒ β—ŒΒ β—ŒΒ β—ŒΒ β—ŒΒ β—Œ
Our jovial cafe supervisor Blanca is a familiar face to our Marina One regulars. This strong mom of 3 hasn't been able to visit home back in the Philippines (where her kids are residing) since the pandemic, but with her wish list picks, it's clear that having a warm family dinner is definitely in the plans when they reunite again in June!

"The scent is yummy – and it moisturises well! I also like that MIRA is a women-led business."
"For self-defence (laughs) – I mean, it's a nice serving board to use when preparing meals for my family. It elevates the whole table setting."
"As you see on my previous pick (with the Seascape Artworks board), I'm big on family dinners, so I think these placemats would be a nice touch to the dining table."
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