Seascape Artworks

Seascape Artworks


    Seascape's beautiful and functional art pieces typify the artist's style and love of the sea. The artist endeavours to capture the movement, depths, shapes and colours of the sea through each unique piece.

    The colour and vibrancy of these pieces capture the delights of summer and the resin layers, the depth of the deep ocean.

    Seascape products are mostly sourced from local partners who make their boards from the disposal of trees in Singapore or socially sourced from South East Asia. All pieces are painted using 100% food-certified resin that is non-toxic, contains no VOCs, no fumes and no solvents. It is non-flammable and non-hazardous.

    For every product sold, 10% of the proceeds go to OceansAsia, a marine conservation organisation dedicated to investigating and researching wildlife crimes, and exposing and bringing justice to those destroying and polluting marine ecosystems. 

    Seascape Artworks is started by Potira, a passionate Brazilian female artist living in Singapore, who found her way back to her creative roots drawing inspiration from nature. Her works encapsulate the abstract forms and flowing beauty of the ocean. She believes that art is therapy and through her creations, she is able to translate her emotions and experiences into something infinitely beautiful to share with others. 

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    " When I first started painting I didn't know where it would bring me.

    Art has always been therapy for me along side running. Since I was young I used to help my artist mom with her paintings. That's when I discovered how painting can connect people.

    Now it's time to share my passion and work with you. "

    Potira Ama, Founder