#TSSGiftGuide: Father's Day 2023

#TSSGiftGuide: Father's Day 2023

Gift-shopping for mom is complicated on its own, but with our dads (and father figures, of course) - somehow it seems like he already has everything he needs! It's easy to fall into the cycle of gifting him socks, power tool kits, more socks, and even more power tool kits.

When in doubt - go back to the basics! There’s no need to overcomplicate your gifts, but we’ve got some suggestions to level up your basic choices into meaningful and memorable ones 😉 Shop sustainably and you’ll find unique alternatives that will not only express your gratitude towards your dads - but also leave a positive impact!


But of course, are socks ever really off the table for Father's day? Dads will always appreciate a new pair no matter the occasion, especially when every other sock seems to disappear after a round in the washing machine 🤭
Make this pair a memorable one by adding a quirky twist with Talking Toes! Their colourful designs are a definite show-stealer, and each pair has a quote that serves as a daily inspirational reminder at your toes! Their socks are made with GOTS organic combed cotton and a high density knit for better fit and durability. Plus, you’re sure to find the perfect pair for your dad from the variety of designs - such as a local breakfast-inspired pair or a pair inspired by the adorable community cats we see around Singapore!
Talking Toes is a local brand that donates 10% of gross profits from their sales to a variety of non-profit organisations and charities that support causes such as reforestation, autism awareness, protecting community cats, and suicide prevention. Dad socks don’t have to be ugly - spice them up with Talking Toes and support a meaningful cause while you’re at it ☀️
There’s no doubt that cufflinks will never lose its appeal in the world of men’s fashion. While it may no longer be a necessity to hold the cuffs of your sleeves together (because buttons), it definitely adds a classy and sophisticated touch - perfect for fathers looking to elevate a simple daily look for work 👔
If you’re looking for a sleek cufflink that also has a unique story, Anchora’s Upcycled Landmine Cufflinks will be your best bet. These cufflinks are crafted from upcycled landmines and carefully made by artisans of Rajana Associaation, a Cambodian-run social enterprise that gives rural producers opportunities and training in the production and marketing of handicrafts. 
Quite an interesting upcycled piece, if we do say so ourselves! While it may be unassuming at first, each Anchora’s cufflink has a story that many may not know about. Trust us - your dads will surely deserve some bragging rights once they’ve got these stylish pieces on (making them perfect for the chatty ones 😉)
(Photo Credits: The Edge)
Cologne is another safe choice for Father’s day - who doesn’t like to smell good? But it might be hard to decide on a perfect fragrance for your dad, especially with the plethora of options you have. Fret not, because Alwis & Xavier’s solid colognes are sure to win your dad’s heart this weekend
Solid colognes are the perfect alternative to their spray counterparts, especially for the busy super-dads who are always on their feet. With just a few swipes, Alwis & Xavier’s solid colognes will leave you smelling fresh as you go about your day 🌻  They are fuss-free and, most importantly, come in rust-free, durable tins that take up virtually no space - making it easy to slip them into your pocket or bag.
Alwis & Xavier’s solid colognes come in 8 unique scents - and one of it may just be your dad’s signature scent after this Father’s day! They’re memorable enough to turn a few heads when he walks into a room - but also subtle enough to give that effortless vibe ~
Some dads are just insanely talented at whipping up a dish no matter what ingredients they have on hand, so much so they might just be Gordon Ramsay’s secret twin (who knows!). So for our spectacular chefs back at home, a handcrafted cutting board might just be the missing piece from their kitchen 👨‍🍳
Arthur Zaaro’s sustainable wood cutting boards will be your top pick if you’re planning on upgrading the kitchen experience for your fathers! Made out of high-quality wood from fallen trees in Singapore, these cutting boards give new life to resilient hardwood trees that could’ve been ground into fertiliser or simply disposed of.
Each cutting board is a single chunk of premium wood - so you won’t find strips of wood glued together like you see in other boards. You can pick from a range of hardwood like Angsana, Tembusu and African Mahogany! And of course, with each Arthur Zaaro cutting board in a new home - another tree is given a second chance to thrive 🌴
Now, there’s nothing like a functional item that can also look effortlessly stylish. For the dads that love to spice up their living space every now and then, Refind’s Upcycled Champagne Bottle Cups make beautiful accent pieces that are versatile enough to fit any kind of aesthetic ✨
These upcycled cups are made from the bottom half of champagne bottles, and each piece is uniquely eye-catching due to the different thickness of the different bottles. The irregular shape and gorgeous moss green shade of the cups make them stand out against any backdrop beautifully.
They are thick, stable, and heavy - and can be used to hold stationery, paint brushes, or even as a tea light candle holder. Of course, they make a good drinking cup too! You’ll find that the versatility of Refind’s pieces is one of the many reasons why they make for such an amazing gift this Father’s day. Plus, you get to play a part in reducing glass waste here in Singapore ♻️
Still unsure of what to get? Let your beloved dads pamper themselves instead with an e-Gift Card from us 🎁 Spoil them with choices from our fair trade retail section, wholesome meals, or even just a warm cuppa ☕️ We're happy to welcome all dads into our cafe no matter the occasion!
The Social Space wishes a very Happy Father's Day to all the superheroes we call Dad - sit back and enjoy this special day with your loved ones 💕 

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