Arthur Zaaro

Arthur Zaaro


    Arthur Zaaro has always put sustainability at the forefront of their business — for over a decade, this carpentry business has produced handcrafted cutting boards and dining tables from branches cut from our city trees. Not only does the company not contribute to deforestation, but they produce entirely locally to further minimise their carbon footprint. 

    Singapore is known to have lots of trees and greenery, but not something many would realize is that this much greenery require a copious amount of daily maintenance. Over 10 tonnes of branches and trees, including some of the world's most resilient hardwoods like Angsana, Tembusu and African Mahogany, are cut daily due to urban landscaping work, mainly due to safety reasons (for eg, big branches growing over the highway, or old trees in danger of falling). However, due to our little red dot's lack of infrastructure in processing these tree logs, many end up getting stockpiled in the handful of sawmills we have here or simply discarded.

    The reality is that these trees are of such high quality that they’ve even become endangered in their natural habitats due to over-cutting. It seemed crazy to the folks behind Arthur Zaaro to cut down trees here and grind them into fertilizers or dispose of them while simultaneously importing wood from Indonesia or other places undergoing massive natural habitat destruction or deforestation.

    Under the magical hands of Arthur Zaaro's all-local production team, these fallen urban tropical hardwoods see a new lease of life as solid wood cutting boards, dining tables, stools and other functional masterpieces.

    " I think it’s both hopeful and frustrating to see how many people care and want to do something about the climate crisis, but, at the same time they don’t know what they can do as an individual.

    As a company we are proud of our material and craftsmanship. The buyer isn’t being charitable just because they are buying a locally made product, they’re also getting the very best board they could get. "

    Aaron Arthur Foeste, Founder