Alter Eco

Alter Eco


    Altereco is an idea to promote sustainable behavior through the medium of upcycled products, created out of waste and made by hand. 

    By using waste, we avoid bringing new materials into the economy, as well as avoid existing materials being disposed off after use. 

    By handcrafting, we realize the potential of human energy as renewable energy and create opportunities for individuals from low-income and disadvantaged communities to access sustainable livelihoods.

    Alter Eco partners with the Society for Child Development, a school for children with disability from the slums of North Delhi, India, to run the 'Trash to Cash Livelihood Programme', to convert hard to recycle waste like multi-layer packaging and textile into contemporary products. Till date, the organization has provided skill development training to over 1,500 people with disability from low-income groups.

    Just the way nature intended no waste – everything goes back and creates something else. There is a need to build systems that create for longevity and reuse. Altereco is our effort to realize this.

    The narrative of "is it easier, faster, cheaper?" needs to change. Partner with us to adopt the new narrative:​ "is it responsible, respectful, sustainable?"


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