A personal care company with the vision to provide quality care to women everywhere, Enya was created with the aspiration to provide more affordable and holistic lifestyle options - paying special attention to feminine care. With the right balance of passion and innovation paired with technological advances, Enya strives to make a difference - starting with organic cotton.​​​​​​​

    Periods are a natural human body process and they want to talk about it! They aim toΒ create a safe space for everybody to discuss about their reproductive health and not be embarrassed by it. They want to empower and inform women about safer, healthier alternatives for their bodies and beyond.

    Touted as Malaysia's first organic sanitary pad, Enya was founded by fashion designer turned entrepreneur, Elaine Hong. After spending years in fast-fashion companies, Elaine found her calling in sustainable textiles upon realizing the environmental damages of the industry. The founding idea of enya came when she discovered that there are no affordable sanitary pads for women with sensitive skin. She hopes enya will inspire more people to live a conscious lifestyle - starting with implementing organic cotton onto a monthly necessity.

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    " Periods are still considered to some as a subject that’s quite personal, it concerns our health in general and I believe that we are ready to have more liberal conversations around it. "

    Elaine Hong, Co-Founder