The Clay Day

The Clay Day


    The Clay Day is a jewellery and homeware brand established in 2015, with the mission of bettering the livelihood of ceramic artisans in Cambodia through purposeful and sustainable employment.

    They focus on handcrafting socially conscious ceramic products which are modern, thoughtful and functional. The process takes several days and is done with utmost care and quality control, to ensure you get a masterpiece you will be proud of wearing and using.

    The Clay Day seeks to partner with ethically responsible workshops and social enterprises who hire socially disadvantaged artisans and apprentices. Their current beneficiaries include single mothers, young people from orphanages, the low income, and the hearing impaired. The artisans are provided with warm home cooked meals, education, skills training, and sustainable employment in a safe working environment. Flexible working conditions are also provided for those with children.

    The Clay Day also proactively collaborate with like-minded businesses in Singapore who give back to the underprivileged communities. As part of environmental sustainability, they package their products with FSC® certified paper materials and repurposed packaging materials they received from donations.

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    " In this modern world of mass-produced goods, I truly believe that there is a charm in purposefully handmade products. No two items are exactly the same when they are handcrafted, each ceramic product is individually hand-rolled, glazed and fired in kilns. Perfection lies in the differences.

    I want you to know that you can make a difference as well. With every purchase, you would have added immeasurable value and dignity to each product maker's life.

    Everyone deserves a new day. Thank you for making their day. "

    Lydia Lim, Founder