1 People

1 People


    At 1 People, People and Planet are the foundations of our existence. Besides a dedicated planet-centric approach to how they do business, they also have dedicated themselves to strongly contributing to poverty eradication.

    They have committed a fair amount of their profits on three big projects:

    1) The first is their own "Business for Planet" program - an educational platform where they mentor, educate and fund social entrepreneurs with a people and planet mindset, with a goal to create more impact-driven businesses.

    2) Another project is โ€˜Youth Educationโ€™, where they donate to schools so more children and young people can get a good education.

    3) The last project is โ€˜Feed the Hungryโ€™, which helps when people are pushed over the edge and into poverty and starvation.ย 

    These projects will change the lives of millions of people, giving them a much better chance to not only survive but to also give back to their own family and the community. In that way, it becomes an upward spiral of positive and impactful development.

    1 People also have high standards for how their products impact the environment, the people involved in the manufacturing and the people using their products. Apart from having a high focus on certifications, they also frequently do thorough checkups on all suppliers to ensure fair and happy working conditions, whilst making sure that their practices live up to our high standards of sustainability.


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    " I believe businesses can do so much more than just driving profit to the founders and shareholders.

    Business is the perfect platform to create a real positive impact in the world since most resources, money and skilled people, are a part of it. "

    Jonathan & Rea Tjoa, Co-Founders