Alika Day

Alika Day


    ‘Modern Heritage, Ethical Empowerment.'

     Alika Day started as a small brand called The Handmade Romantics, with the mission of contributing to the livelihood of makers in Indonesia in a meaningful and sustainable way. With a personal background in the country, this is a cause that is near and dear to their founder's heart.

    Their product journeys started from the makers they met. Working closely with small-scale makers (never factories), they got to understand the craft techniques unique to them and how they could create beautiful pieces for the modern consumer without sacrificing on heritage. As part of their pledge, Alika Day works with makers and maker coordinators in Indonesia who are equally committed to ensuring fair working practices for all. Decent living wage, dignified working conditions and upskilling for their makers are core to their operations.

    A big part of their collection is fashion – they use locally handstamped batik fabrics, sewn in small sewing houses in Indonesia and following a slow fashion production process where they allow their artisans time to create long-lasting pieces that stand the test of time and do not contribute to fabric waste.

     As part of their home range, they work with small-scale weavers based in villages in Central Java. Unlike large-scale weavers who have big contracts with multinational companies, the weavers they work with do not have sophisticated working tools or processes. Despite this, the weavers are able to produce equally beautiful home pieces albeit at a slower production pace – this is something that Alika Day consciously takes into account and work around to be able to continue making a difference in their lives.

     In 2021, they have found the opportunity to rebrand themselves as Alika Day. 'Alika' is an Indonesian girl's name, derived from Arabic and means 'love'. Alika Day represents their commitment to bettering the lives of their Indonesian maker partners and also to convey the care that they put into all their pieces. Ultimately, it is their wish for their customers to have an Alika Day or a lovely day, everyday.

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    " Every small action we take creates a ripple effect near and far. At Alika Day, our aim is to honour the beauty of traditions and level the playing field for makers who may otherwise get left behind. Through our small efforts, we hope to create ripple effects in the lives of our makers and consumers alike.

    Wishing you an Alika Day! "

    Stephanie, Founder