Alwis & Xavier

Alwis & Xavier


    Alwis & Xavier supply the finest grooming products that focus on one goal – to create proven grooming solutions that ensure portability, convenience and ease without the inconveniences of spills and messes - from handcrafted solid colognes and perfumes to body washes and scrubs, and deodorants.

    Both founders decided to create a solid grooming because they experienced a lot of issues with products on the market - perfumes and colognes, deodorants, as well as the body washes were always difficult to take around as they were heavy, fragile and could break and spill easily. So starting in 2018,Β they worked a number of years to finally perfect a range of solid products with the right blend of ingredients, coupled with a range of uniquely bold and tantalizing scents to ensure no breaks and spills, and were easily portable to be used any time and anywhere.

    All of their solid colognes are individually handcrafted and hand poured with the utmost care and precision, using only the finest of ingredients ranging from Shea Butter to Vitamin E Oil. This not only enables you to smell amazing for periods on end, but moisturizes your skin with its natural properties.

    " What started as an interest has fruited into a passion and excitement in creating products that we wholeheartedly believe in and are proud to share with the rest of the world.

    We pride ourselves for being one of the pioneers in revolutionising grooming - minusing all the spills, the messes and the dramas! Moving forward, we aim to create more products that offer ease and convenience to our customers, but utilize natural ingredients for healthy and safe grooming too!

    Niegel and Kimberly, Co-Founders