Artisan & Fox

Artisan & Fox


    Artisan & Fox is a social enterprise empowering artisans in developing regions, by connecting them to mindful consumers like you.

    Artisan & Fox is on a journey to discover these hidden artisans, and their extraordinary craftsmanship. Traversing the globe, we're learning the stories of local artisans and their communities everyday. Stories of craftsmanship with centuries of history.

    Since 2015, Artisan & Fox has grown to encompass 200+ artisans across 11 countries, providing them access to international markets through our online marketplace. Operating out of London and Singapore, we seek to preserve artisan heritage by co-designing pieces with our artisan partners informed by contemporary design and traditional craftsmanship.

    We're built on the belief that ethical business can change the narrative for entire ecosystems in developing regions worldwide. We are committed to creating longstanding impact in those communities, by working towards sustainable incomes and inclusive growth for each artisan that we collaborate with.

    Artisans are guaranteed 50% of all gross profits from each item, and we provide micro-loans, pay for raw materials in advance, and even help open bank accounts when the need arises.

    We invite you to be curious, ask questions and challenge us. Because we believe that fashion won’t change the world, but those who wear it will.

    " We're happy to have pioneered a paradigm shift in the way businesses operate: by committing to giving the makers a fair share of the profits. We've been sharing 50% of our profits from each sale with the artisan makers since we've launched. And this won't change in the future.

    Often, artisan exploitation and extortion worldwide has been made in the efforts to maximise profit margins for shareholders. By pegging artisan remuneration with the profits of each sale (i.e. 50/50 profit share), we eliminate any such conflicts of interest with the makers. We think this is an incredibly powerful thing, and we hope this will help businesses re-imagine the way they operate. "

    Jaron Soh, Co-Founder & CEO