Center Pottery

Center Pottery


    Center Pottery is founded by Joan Huang with the mission to bring mental wellness to people through pottery making. With her background in Japanese Studies and Medicine, she brings together her pottery expertise and healthcare experience to promote the benefits of clay, ceramics, and pottery for mental health in Singapore.

    Pottery is a sensory experience where one relishes the touch and feel. Joan discovered mental wellness through her own pottery making experiences. She realized that pottery allowed her to be isolated from the buzz and noise of the world, allowing her to find her own inner peace. It also gives her the sense of achievement whenever she finishes a piece, appreciating the texture, weight, thickness, design, reliving her from the stresses of work. Determined to bring the benefits of pottery to more people, she founded Center Pottery, our social enterprise arm, with a dedicated pottery curriculum.

    They believe that no matter where you are on this life's journey, Center Pottery is an invitation to discover yourself, and experience an art form that will transform you to the core, helping you center your mind and spirit and find tranquility. There are valuable lessons to learn from pottery and they have made it their mission to take you on that journey.


    Center Pottery is available at our Marina One outlet.