Happy Earth Farm

Happy Earth Farm


    Happy Earth Farm is an initiative to learn, live and grow together with Mother Earth. They strive to spread their organic lifestyle to protect the earth and support all of its inhabitants. Through their product line of 100% organic goods produced on the farm, they work towards spreading their philosophy. Part of their profit goes to help their community projects such as natural walks or English camps with village kids.

    Founded by Nok and Kamphon in Thailand, Happy Earth Farm began in 2005 with the birth of their daughter. That year, they both decided to quit their corporate jobs in resource management, forestry and alternative agriculture promotion at a local environmental NGO to start working at their family farm in Uthaitani, a rural province four hours from Bangkok by car. The decision was made because they would like to raise her in a natural environment as much as possible, and they realized that this was something that every family needed, not just theirs.

    Today, the farm is also home to chickens, ducks, geese, dogs, cats and many bugs and wasps. You can also find a variety of seasonal crops such as corn, mung beans, sugar cane, sesame, kaffir lime, and rice at their farm, with the harvest used to make snacks, food, jams and other body care products. More than 10 years have passed since the start, and their farm has also grown to become a learning center committed to spreading an organic and sustainable lifestyle by bringing back old farmland wisdom in their farming practice and making body care products.

    Happy Earth's mission is to take care of the planet and all of her inhabitants, so that means they not only take care of their customers, but also the individuals who work on their farm and create these products. Their products are a labor of love and hard work, and are handmade in small batches in the farm. It is important that their people receive fair pay and are happy working. Apart from that, the proceeds are also used on environmental activities and programs for kids to promote sustainable living and practice in agriculture and others.

    Come join this movement with them.

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    " Through our products that are made purely from fruits, leaves, and seeds from our organic farm, we hope to reconnect people to Mother Earth and make people realize that we all can live, learn and grow together with Mother Earth.

    We believe that when Mother Earth is happy, we are truly happy. "

    Nok and Kamphon, Founders