Innerfyre Co

Innerfyre Co


    Innerfyre Co is all embracing the passion, energy, spirit, and individuality inside every one of us.

    Our sense of smell has a profound effect on our emotions and state of well-being, and it is with this knowledge in mind that the founders of Innerfyre embarked on the quest to create creative, mood-boosting products that would transform your everyday self-care routine into a special occasion.

    All of their products are clean, non-toxic, and made with pure, therapeutic essential oil to help inspire and bring light into people's lives, both literally and figuratively. Whether it's room sprays or roll-on perfumes, they make products that not only look and smell great, they'll also makeย you feel great.

    At Innerfyre, they also believe that caring for the home we live in is essential to self-care, and their larger vision is to be able to contribute to our bigger home - planet earth. That is why they have committed to donating one dollar per order to One Tree Planted to support the planting of trees and promote sustainability through their reforestation projects.