Iryasa is a holistic beauty & wellness brand founded in Singapore that provides products & solutions for a modern, eco-conscious lifestyle. 'Irya' in Sanskit means powerful and 'Asa' in Hebrew means Healer.

    We craft all-natural products that deliver tangible results along with sensorial delight and we are committed to educating, empowering and equipping our customers and community. Our current catalogue includes 100% pure, USDA Organic certified essential oils, skincare oils, proprietary blends, and also diffusers and blending accessories.

    Our vision: To enable a thriving world where every individual, family, and community can access sustainable solutions that unlock nature’s exponential potential to restore, nurture, and enhance their overall well-being.

    Our mission: We believe that consumers deserve natural beauty & wellness products at affordable prices without having to sacrifice on integrity or quality. We ensure this while also doing our part for the environment.

    5% of profits made in The Social Space will be donated to Babes Pregnancy Crisis Support Ltd. Babes is a non-profit agency that journeys with pregnant teenagers, providing emotional support, information and resources to empower them to make responsible decisions on their pregnancy.

    " All of our products contain 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils that smell divine. They don't last as long as synthetic fragrances, but when you weigh the harm caused by synthetic fragrances in exchange for it's long-lasting effect - I believe it's worth it. "

    Sarada Raghavan, Founder