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     Every year, millions of people are forced to flee their homes to escape war, conflict and persecution and cannot return without risking their lives, safety or freedom. Currently 29.4 million people are living as refugees and 62.5 million people are living in displacement within their own countries. MADE51 was established in 2018 to create that opportunity through the handmade sector. 

    The world’s refugee population contains a wealth of talented artisans that possess incredible skills, traditions and cultural heritage. Given the opportunity, these are assets that individuals can use to regain their economic independence and sense of self-worth. 

    Through MADE51's unique ecosystem model, they are making market connections and creating sustainable livelihoods for the forcibly displaced.

    The word ‘MADE’ evokes the spirit of creation and the handmade nature of the artisanal goods that refugees are handcrafting. It also forms an acronym, “Market Access, Design and Empowerment”.  Fittingly, the ‘51’ was added as a reference to the 1951 Refugee Convention, the key legal document which outlines the rights of the displaced and the legal obligations of States to protect them, and which forms the basis of UNHCR’s work. 

    MADE51 works with 3,700+ artisans in 23 countries, in collaboration with a network of 35 social enterprise partners. Over 85% of artisans are women who support an estimated 16,000+ beneficiaries.


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