Palette Puzzles

Palette Puzzles


    Palette Puzzle was started by Paris Zhao, stemming from her love for jigsaw puzzles, arts and her passion for women empowerment. Palette creates beautiful puzzles that are designed by talented female artists around the world. Plus, with every purchase made, a generous percentage of the sale is given back to the artist behind the artwork - making their puzzles both fun and meaningful.

    We hear that what’s inside this box has the power to create order from chaos, and may even make time disappear.  It also comes with simple and sustainable tools, like the reusable bag, sorting trays, puzzle savers, so you can preserve your masterpiece for years to come!  

    5% of each product purchased from The Social Space is donated to Room to Read, a non-profit organisation that focuses on improving literacy and gender equality in education in APAC.

    “ As a kid, I was always drawn to the world of colours. The two things I enjoyed most were painting and jigsaw puzzles. Growing up, my priorities shifted to getting into a reputed college and landing an exciting job. During the long, anxiety-filled pandemic years, I reconnected with jigsaw puzzles as a form of escape. It quickly became my portal to inner peace. I wondered if there was a way to integrate art into my revived interest. I began visualising puzzles as artworks that could be preserved long after their completion, and voila—Palette was born!

    I want Palette Puzzles to give people a way to take time for themselves, relax, and hopefully become more mindful as a result. ”

    Paris Zhao, Founder