Peco Bag

Peco Bag


    At Peco bag, they want to inspire change. Inspire the need to tweak habits and encourage consumers to educate themselves on the war against single use plastics. 

    Their mission and motto is : "Change a habit, change the world."

    Founded by Yumika Hoskin, the Singapore-based model-host-actress started her sustainability journey by advocating for environmental causes on her social media platforms and educating viewers in her own eco-tourism series 'Where We Wander'.

    The idea behind Peco Bag was born after a building frustration over witnessing the carelessness of groceries being packed into single-use plastic bags at checkout registers. Butter in one plastic bag, eggs in its own separate bag? She recognized the need for immediate action ​in order to repair the irreversible damages done to our precious  ecosystems and her first step was to introduce change conveniently. With a degree a Fashion Design, she set out to mix trend, convenience and sustainability all into one universal cheeky character, and her hero seeker, "Peco bag" was born.

    " I wanted to find a method to encourage a change in habit conveniently so everyone would bring their own reusable bag, which led me to create the Peco Bag. An all-in-one bag that incorporates convenience, aesthetics, durability and sustainability. I tested it for over a year with samples and finally perfected my perfect reusable bag! "

    Yumika Hoskin, Founder