Pulle Wellness

Pulle Wellness


    Pulle believes that this is the start of a science backed movement to empower humans to make better choices.

    They are a clean, conscious company founded in Singapore - creating niche home goods that do not exist in the market, with one difference of always putting consumers first. Wanting to create a change in the green consumer goods market, Pulle’s products can be affordable for everybody, through way of ease, simplicity and utmost transparency from its conception till it is received by each consumer. 

    " Hey! I'm Mariam, I've worked and loved being in the art world for 4 years, managing an art gallery in Singapore. I've realized that there's a blank space for the type of home goods I want - honest, well made and clean. So I went ahead and did just that, in the hope that there are others out there who want the same things too. "

    Afra Mariam, Founder