Refind is passionate about everything to do with glass.

    The sustainable studio repurposes Singapore’s used bottles with a range of traditional and modern glass making techniques. They're here for the good of both planet and people, finding renewed purpose through beautiful glassware and glass art, one otherwise-disposed-of bottle at a time.

    Founded by Jane Cowie, an internationally renowned glass blower, their vision is to recycle all imported glass bottles to make Singapore a more sustainable place whilst raising awareness of the value and magic of glass.

    As Jane says. "We know one-use plastic bottles is an increasing problem globally, but so too is single-use glass. It takes alot of energy and materials to make glass."

    Born in Sydney, Jane has lived in Singapore since 2003, when she took up a teaching position at the Applied Arts Departments at Lasalle College of the Arts. She has since started her own company, Art Glass Solutions, creating and installing artworks and architectural installations and is working with recycled glass through Refind.

    “I’ve been glassmaking for over 30 years, blowing glass since the late 1980’s and more recently undertaking large art glass installation artistry and project managment,” says Jane. “Glass has a beauty and intensity like no other material – symbolic of the fragility and beauty of life.”



    " We are creating sustainable solutions and hope to go some way to address the huge amount of glass packaging waste that is imported into Singapore – to innovate, re-purpose and re-use glass in a cost-effective manner."

    B. Jane Cowie, Founder