Upcycled Chopsticks SMĪLE Shelf
Upcycled Chopsticks SMĪLE Shelf
Upcycled Chopsticks SMĪLE Shelf
Upcycled Chopsticks SMĪLE Shelf
Upcycled Chopsticks SMĪLE Shelf
Upcycled Chopsticks SMĪLE Shelf
Upcycled Chopsticks SMĪLE Shelf
Upcycled Chopsticks SMĪLE Shelf
Upcycled Chopsticks SMĪLE Shelf
Upcycled Chopsticks SMĪLE Shelf

Upcycled Chopsticks SMĪLE Shelf

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Looking for that perfect (climate positive) conversation piece?

Introducing ChopValue's shelving system that aligns your values with your needs. This simplistic string frame is modular and easy to install.

SMĪLE is made from 100% recycled materials - the shelves are made from ChopValue's signature engineered chopstick composite, while the string frame is created from recycled construction steel. Hang anywhere from 1 to 5 shelves on your frames, combine colors and sizes, and mix & match different units to create a timeless design that fits your home. SMĪLE's fine lines, open and lightweight aesthetics make it versatile to blend with any interior style. SMĪLE is proof that eco-friendly minimalism can be durable and look beautiful.


Small Shelf

Frame - Width 22cm, Height 66cm, Depth 20cm / Shelf - 18.5cm

664 Chopsticks Recycled, 960 Carbon Storage

Medium Shelf

Frame: Width 53.5cm, Height 66cm, Depth 20cm / Shelf: 18.5cm

1545 Chopsticks Recycled, 2305 Carbon Storage


2188 chopsticks recycled and transformed that otherwise would have ended up in the landfill

3266 of stored CO2 that otherwise would have been released into the atmosphere

Making a positive impact, one chopstick at a time.


Tobias Brox

As early as 1955, Nisse and Kajsa Strinning presented the string shelf system to the public in Sweden. This historic design motivated ChopValue concept team member and in-house architect, Tobias Brox, to recreate a modern version that brought SMĪLE to life.

He designed SMĪLE in the most efficient way on multiple levels. From designing resource utilization for zero waste during production, all the way to its optimal use in any living space, this shelving system is built to bring functionality and timeless aesthetic into your home.

As a circular economy driven brand, we are aiming to express innovation and the efficient use of materials in our designs. We approach this in the most climate positive way we know: with SMĪLE, by ChopValue.



ChopValue is product engineering and design firm that gives used chopsticks a second life. They provide product and design solutions with an innovative, high-performance material made entirely from recycled chopsticks, which are transformed through a carbon-neutral micro-manufacturing model and reintroduced into society as a beautiful and durable engineered product. Since its founding in 2016 in Canada, the company has recycled over 51 million chopsticks. ChopValue sources, manufactures, distributes, and employs within local communities through its franchising model. With a network of distributed Microfactories, ChopValue aims to create a positive and resource-efficient impact for a carbon-neutral future.

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