"Choose Good with Mandai" Fundraising Campaign

Make good choices for people, wildlife and our planet today! #ChooseGoodWithMandai 💚
We are honoured to be a part of Mandai Wildlife Group's newest initiative, ‘Choose Good with Mandai', to highlight the intrinsic value of wildlife and raise awareness of the symbiotic relationship between people, nature and the world. 👫🦒🌏
From 21st Oct to 25th Nov, we invite you to go on a delicious food trail bursting with goodness that will inspire a deeper appreciation for nature and wildlife.
Along with 19 like-minded food establishments around Singapore, such as The Coconut Club, Little Farms and Birds of Paradise, we have each crafted exclusive menu items inspired by the diets of 14 endangered animal species, in an effort to raise awareness for the importance of wildlife to our planet.
At The Social Space, we were inspired by the Celebes Crested Macaque 🐒, one of the world’s 25 most critically endangered primates, to create the “Monkey Business” Smoothie Bowl, which incorporates the macaque’s favourite foods – dragon fruit, papaya and banana – plus soy milk and honey. This is our most sustainable smoothie bowl as it’s base consists of fruits found regionally, and we also use “ugly fruits’ sourced from our local wet market. While nutritionally rich, these fruits have a low water and carbon footprint.
As we tap into our shared love for food, we hope to celebrate the vital roles that wildlife plays in the ecosystem and increase awareness about how our conscious everyday choices can make a difference in the world. 🌱
10% of our proceeds from the sale of Monkey Business Smoothie Bowl will go towards supporting Mandai Wildlife Group’s conservation efforts in Singapore and Southeast Asia.
Kick off your Choose Good Food Trail from #KretaAyer or #MarinaOne! Find out more at https://www.mandai.com/en/choosegood.
- This macaque is one of the world's 25 most critically endangered primates - wild populations have declined by 80-90% in 40 years.
- The illegal bushmeat trade and habitat encroachment are the principal threats to their survival.
- Their lifespan is 18 years in the wild, and 34 years under human care.
- Native to the tropical rainforests of Northeastern Sulawesi in Indonesia.
- Due to feeding upon various fruits, these macaques are important seed dispersers throughout their range, aiding the growth of more rainforest trees.
- Known for their toothy grins, which is thought to be a display of 'peaceful intentions'.
Find out more about these amazing primates here! 🐒




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