Give Me A Hand - Collaborative Card Game
Give Me A Hand - Collaborative Card Game
Give Me A Hand - Collaborative Card Game
Give Me A Hand - Collaborative Card Game
Give Me A Hand - Collaborative Card Game
Give Me A Hand - Collaborative Card Game
Give Me A Hand - Collaborative Card Game

Give Me A Hand - Collaborative Card Game

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A collaborative card game to prompt thoughtful conversations with the people you love―enabling you to better understand and support one another.

100 questions. 1 connecting path. Countless hours towards a deeper relationship.

Created by Will & Well, a local social enterprise that works closely with caregivers and care receivers. Through their work, they realize that you can spend a lot of time with someone, love them deeply but still not understand them.

Relationships can flourish once people give their loved ones a hand, and they believe that begins with an open conversation.

That's why they created Give Me a Hand.

This card game is a little helping hand to deepen cherished relationships through meaningful conversations, enabling friends, partners, and family to better understand and support one another.

This item was launched on Kickstarter in May 2021 and fully-funded within a month!


Unlike many conversation-based card games focused on breaking the ice, the questions curated for Give Me A Hand are meant to be played between people who already know each other well.

These questions are prompts for meaningful conversations that you do not frequently have, even with those you are close to. 

Through an honest conversation, we extend intimacy past the physical level and reveal our own unique 'inner worlds' to each other. You reflect on the details of each other's lives, ponder about personal experiences and eventually, gain a deeper understanding of one another. 

The encounter is captivating and it holds the potential to change your world, even if just for a short while.


On one side of the question cards are four types of connecting Hands. 

Players will take turns to answer the questions and lay the Hands down to form a path.

Each question answered and each Hand card laid down signifies that the players are taking one step closer to deepening their relationship.

The game will end when you form a seamless path, connecting one player to another, bonded by the conversations through Give Me A Hand.

There is no fixed route to how the Hand cards can connect – think of it as a freeform puzzle!

If you want to extend the conversation, you could avoid the other player’s path. On the other hand (pun intended), if you are going for a shorter experience, perhaps a direct path is what you need. 

Don’t want to answer a question? - No worries, simply draw the "I Need A Hand" card and perform the action instead. These action cards will create moments to help you bond with the other person too!


    • 100 x Question / Hand Cards
    • 8 x 'I Need A Hand' Action Cards
    • 1 x Drawstring Pouch
    • 2 x Notecards

      The drawstring pouches are sustainably made by the artisans of House of Liberty, a small production house by Liberty Society, a social enterprise empowering refugee women in Indonesia. They believe in first changing the lives of their makers for the better by rebuilding their sense of purpose and dignity.



      Will & Well is an inclusive fashion label founded to improve lives by changing the way we wear clothing. Many elements of modern clothing like buttons and back zippers have not been updated for centuries, and these inconveniences that we easily overlook are further amplified for people with disabilities. With forethought of marginalized groups, they apply design thinking and technology to create apparels that impact lives by providing comfort, dignity and independence in daily dressing processes.

      They also explore products beyond the realm of apparels, including accessories and jewellery, various workshops and programmes to the public, organizations and institutions, and experiences to bridge relationships in our community.

      Click on the brand name at the top of this page to find out more!

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