Home Ultrasonic Diffuser
Home Ultrasonic Diffuser
Home Ultrasonic Diffuser
Home Ultrasonic Diffuser
Home Ultrasonic Diffuser
Home Ultrasonic Diffuser
Home Ultrasonic Diffuser
Home Ultrasonic Diffuser
Home Ultrasonic Diffuser

Home Ultrasonic Diffuser

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An excellent aromatherapy diffuser for your living spaces and meditation routines. The diffuser utilises ultrasonic waves to instantly vaporise the essential oils and water to produce a steady, cool, soft mist. It is heat-less, quiet and doubles up as a tiny humidifier.

Each diffuser is equipped with 7 ambient LED light modes in 2 different intensities, allowing you to change according to your preference. It also contains a large water tank with 550ml capacity and an automatic shut-off feature when water runs out. 

Easy to operate, clean and maintain. Providing up to 8 hours of continuous run time.


  • 1 unit of Iryasa Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser
  • 1 AC adaptor with power cord (Singapore plug)
  • 1 measuring cup
  • 1 information booklet


  • Always keep the diffuser on a flat surface. Do not place it on carpets, duvets or any unstable area.
  • Do not switch on the power when the tank is empty.
  • Do not touch the ultrasonic vibration plate.
  • Do not fill water beyond the max level (upper ring) in the diffuser tank.
  • Do not add hot water or sparkling water, use only room temperature water from the tap.
  • Do not add water while the diffuser is on. Always turn off power before you add water to the diffuser tank.
  • Do not use the diffuser continuously beyond 8 hours. After 8 hours of continuous usage, wait for 60 minutes before restarting in order to avoid any damage to the ultrasonic plate.
  • Only use 100% pure essential oils and do not use synthetic fragrance oils, essential oils that are mixed with carrier oils, massage oils, etc.
  • Do not place the diffuser under furniture, clothing, etc and ensure no obstruction to the mist outlet.
  • For hygienic reasons, after every use, pour away the remaining water from the diffuser tank and wipe the main unit with a clean, dry cloth.
  • This ultrasonic diffuser is not to be used as a medical inhaler or vapouriser.
  • Keep away from direct sunlight, heat sources, air conditioners and electronic equipments.
  • If smoke or burning smell detected, turn off power and unplug immediately.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.



Iryasa is a Singapore-based beauty and wellness brand. With passion for all things science and technology, they strive to create the perfect balance in their products, using potent, yet gentle botanical extracts.

Focusing on the cause rather than the effects was something that founder Sarada, a scientist by training, learned early on in her life and have incorporated these principles into Iryasa and the way their products heal and nurture.

Click on the brand name at the top of this page to find out more.

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